Advancing the use of Visual Information

Over the past decade GDM has established itself as a leading independent provider of video integration in the healthcare environment. With a particular focus on the operating room, the company has launched four successive generations of product resulting in the current all fiber, HD digital solution marketed by its main channel partner Skytron. The company has over 600 installations that range from simple video switching to complex, real-time or on-demand telemedicine applications.

As stated above, GDM’s original focus was the use of visual information in operating room settings where the company’s solutions have increased productivity by giving surgical teams access to critical visual data (radiology, EMR, HD video, stored visual data, live remote consultation, etc.) without leaving the patient’s side. However, over the past few years and due to continued reform within healthcare, GDM has been expanding its solutions to apply in all clinical departments.

Our current focus is to use GDM’s expertise in video integration and visual information to deliver enterprise wide, mobile enabled, capture, archiving and collaboration toolsets that enhances a provider’s ability to more effectively deliver patient care across the entire healthcare enterprise.

GDM’s VACS® - Video Archiving and Collaboration System platform, VACS® Mobile Snapshot and DCSS HD Digital Capture and Streaming Systems, expand the use of critical clinical visual information and enhance your clinical staff’s ability to positively affect workflow and patient outcomes.