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HD Digital Capture and Streaming System

Capture, record and stream video in HD. GDM’s Digital Capture & Streaming System (DCSS) provides faultless image quality and ultimate precision for facilities looking to capture, stream or store procedural video on the VACS® platform. With available mobile cart options, HD video and images can be captured or streamed from any procedural department to increase utilization and enhance clinical workflow.


  • Digital image capture, recording and one-touch streaming at resolutions to 1080p
  • Bi-directional communication
  • Real-time selection of streaming resolution at touchscreen
  • Record to multiple media storage devices
  • Activate, capture and record from the sterile field
  • Dual-mode stream and capture at different resolutions
  • Freestanding and mobile unit options
  • Standard 22” HD monitor on freestanding and mobile unit
  • Fast on-screen review and select feature
  • Print, store-to-network or stream with one touch
  • Password-protected streaming sessions

Download the DCSS Capture Brochure