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VACS® is a rich-media clinical collaboration platform that enables all Healthcare Professionals to quickly capture, share, store and collaborate with video, pictures, voice and text from anywhere within the enterprise.

VACS® complements hospital EMR and PACS systems. It extends into every functional area without specialized tech support, bridging the visual information gap between the two solutions without compromising HIPAA or IT security.

VACS® Mobile SnapShot for smartphones and GDM’s DCSS capture & streaming device for dedicated procedural areas, puts image sharing into the hands of every staffer, from first responders to nurses to specialists, capturing important pictures and video regardless of location.

Improve staff efficiency and treatment quality with ad hoc, asynchronous collaboration, all within a secure network environment – a natural fit for your hospital workflow.

V A C S®
Video Archiving and Collaboration System

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Trauma Center

Increasing patient volume, limited resources and a case load that can change in an instant describe many Emergency Departments. VACS and VACS Mobile SnapShot is the ideal solution for recording and sharing critical HD video and pictures of the triage, treatment and stabilization of Emergency Department patients.
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